Welcome to Imperial Phichit Bilingual School!

Please come inside

Here we have our swimming pool and our kindergarten building

Our swimming pool is not quite as shallow as you’d expect

This is the front door of the kindergarten building

Our Christmas tree stays up year round

We have many small children walking around most of the time

The basketball court is by the pool

And a genuine playground

Next, we have our soccer field and the elementary building

Here is the front door

A nice monk is waiting to greet you

Each of two floors has three large classrooms

Behind the elementary building you will find the kitchen and cafeteria

The cafeteria

Further back is the teacher dormitory

The bathroom area has six stalls with showers and toilets

The bathroom stalls are adequate

Kaitlyn and I share a large room with two bunkbeds pushed together

That is our school. It is pretty nice for Thailand and very nice for a small town like Phichit. Tuition is ~1000/month. Let me know if you want an application for your kid.